Chiropractor Harrisburg PA Wellness Back Pain Neck Pain Prenatal Migraines Sports Injuries Fibromyalgia Sciatica

Chiropractor Harrisburg PA Wellness Back Pain Neck Pain Prenatal Migraines Sports Injuries Fibromyalgia Sciatica

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Chiropractic Treatments

Back Pain & Neck Pain

Dr. Brian specializes in optimizing your spine and neck to help stop pain from the source. A lot of doctors work on the basis of covering up the pain with medicine created in a lab while our belief at Performance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is to adjust your spine and neck so that your body can cure itself from the inside out.


There are huge benefits to optimizing your spinal health and overall wellness. Our goal was to build a complete wellness center designed to help you live the best life you can. We help families of all sizes and we would like to help you. Make sure you schedule an initial chiropractic consultation and full body analysis so we can begin to help you today.

Headaches & Migraines

Everyday stress, anxiety, physical work, and even chemical pollutants can cause the spine and neck to become subluxated. We can help you realign your spine and neck so that your body can run properly and naturally stop the migraines and headaches or drastically cut them back.

Neurological Disorders

Sports Injuries

We have helped professional football players, professional basketball players, and more. If you or your son/daughter play a sport in high school, college, or on a professional level, we can help you play at a more optimum level and we can help you with any injuries with a holistic chiropractic focus.


Sometimes it feels like the pain, tingling, and exhaustion will never go away once diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You will be surprised at how effective a proper adjustment and therapy session can be to help. We will create a custom plan for you to help bring your body back to feeling great again.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic

Harrisburg PA Chiropractic Office Near Linglestown

Dr. Brian put together Performance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation to help out as many people in Central Pennsylvania with their health and wellness as possible.  The body is an amazing thing and if you take care of it the right way, you can really thrive in your day to day life.

We dedicate the entire team at our office to really learning more about each patient that walks in our door.  We are the chiropractor Harrisburg, PA has been looking for because every person on our team also wants to really see results and help restore the full function of every patient we see.

Finding the right chiropractor in Harrisburg, PA is important so we offer a complimentary consultation so you can learn more about how we work and we can learn more about your goals and your issues.  That allows us both to determine if it makes sense to move forward with the proper chiropractic treatment plan.

Top Notch Chiropractic Help In Harrisburg

Family Chiropractors In Harrisburg

We also just added a new personal trainer and yoga practitioner to our office so we can really help your reach your optimal health.  Most people are unaware of the benefits of aligning your body and spine and then also maintaining that with weight lifting, proper cardio, stretching, and more.

Now we are really focused on helping all of our Harrisburg patients out even more with these new additions to just chiropractic health!  Now is the time to schedule a consultation to learn more about chiropractic benefits, and the benefits of working out and maintaining your health.

Chiropractic Care

Helping patients with their chiropractic treatments in the Harrisburg area has been our mission since opening up Performance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. We can assist with multiple issues and bring you and your family more wellness.


If you are in need of physical therapy, we can help. We specialize in helping patients get through their injuries in multiple ways. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our physiology treatments.

Massage Therapy

Our certified massage therapist will take care of you unlike those large massage therapy companies that treat you like a number. We will customize every session for you and make sure you feel like a new person every time you finish.

Personal Training

Our personal training area is found upstairs inside of our wellness center. We have multiple ways to help guide you on your training journey. You may want help with your workouts, motivation, accountability, or to learn new techniques you haven't tried before. We can help you out in multiple ways.

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