Treatment For Forward Head Position

Forward Head Position (FHP) is one of the most common causes of neck, head, and shoulder tension and pain. It is caused by “slumping” at the computer (cell phone or tablet), while driving, carrying a heavy backpack, or poor sleeping posture. These slumping habits can be worsened by previous neck strains and sprains.

Forward Head Position

FHP occurs when a person’s ear is forward of his/her shoulder as in the photo. It is a very common problem, estimated to occur in 66% to 90% of the population.

For every inch a person’s head moves forward, the muscles in your upper back and neck experience 10 additional pounds in weight. The muscles in your upper back and neck have to work that much harder to keep your chin from dropping onto your chest Link to Reference. FHP can impact a person’s ability to breath. It has been linked to tension headaches, abnormal function of the eyes and the ears, and even psychological and mental disorders learn more.

Proper head position.

An important step in helping to correct FHP is recognizing how proper head and neck position should look. The photo at the right depicts correct head posture.

Chiropractic adjustments supported by specific exercises and stretching can help correct FHP. For proper diagnosis of FHP and rehabilitative treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian at Performance Chiropractic 717-695-3540 .

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