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Christine M

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us (doing handstands) and for my thorough examination and adjustment. I thought you were fabulous.  I enjoyed your zest for life, your exuberance, your energy, your thoroughness with the examination, method of adjustment, your brilliant knowledge and your open and welcoming manner. Thanks Dr. Brian.

John G

I started seeing Dr. Brian to treat my shoulder, neck and back pain that resulted from an injury of breaking my arm. The adjustments worked wonders in relieving my pain and stiffness during the healing process. Also with the combination of ultrasound and electro-stim therapy my arm is healing above and beyond expectations!!! Thanks Dr. Brian.

Holly R

I highly recommend Dr. Brian. He is a great chiropractor and a nice guy. My husband and I have both been very pleased with his services.

Jennifer S

I have been seeing Dr. Brian for the last 6 years and he has helped me with my migraines and through many aches and pains. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and welcoming. I always leave his office feeling so much better than when I walked in!


Dr. Brian Epp is an outstanding Chiropractor. He is knowledgeable and very good at adjustments. His office and staff are very nice. I have been to three other Chiropractor’s in the Harrisburg area and he is far superior. He is cutting edge and have relieved almost all of my back pain in three sessions. He is not pushy or judgmental about how many times you see him. He takes his time with your adjustments and gives his patients really thorough care. You don’t feel like you are on a production line with him.


WOW!!! What a difference!! Dr. Brian Epp took his time to evaluate my concerns and address each one! TOP NOTCH CHIROPRACTOR!!! I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle! Thanks for your service!


Dr. Brian truly demonstrates not just excellent Chiropractic Care but equally as important, the CARE of a Chiropractor by continuously educating me on how to invest in my health!


Having a very physical job caring for my own clients, I need help keeping me at my peak. I believe in massage and chiropractic and have seen many practitioners to help me meet my health goals. When I met Dr. Brian I knew there was something different about him. His knowledge of neuromuscular skeletal health was impressive and far superior to anyone I had come across before. It was coupled with a strong desire to help his clients heal and a methodical approach. I have never been made so aware of the work that my body needed (and there is a lot) nor felt so hopeful that he could help me fix those issues and keep me working for a long time. If you want to heal your body from constant pain (and thus feel relief mentally and emotionally), go see Dr. Brian.